RECONVERGE:G2 – Call for Provocateurs

The 2017 conference co-chairs, Bridget Wegener and Phil Britton, along with the leadership at our host, Aurora WDC, are all looking forward to hearing from you with ideas for new presenters, fresh topics, and innovative formats.

The planning for the 2017 RECONVERGE:G2 Intelligence Leadership Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin is in full swing. One of the things that makes this annual conference unique is its cozy and intimate setting and purposefully-limited number of participants. We expect a certain depth of interaction from both our facilitators and attendees, and this extends to the selection process for our content.

RECONVERGE:G2 2017 Call for Proposals & Provocateurs

The 2017 symposium theme is “Invention and RE-Invention”

The pace of change in business is constantly accelerating. History is littered with examples of companies that met change and evolved successfully and those that haven’t. How do you become a force for invention and re-invention in your company? How do you become the bellwether?

Submission Guidelines

Past events have included a variety of topics and formats, as the content lends itself to a variety of presentation and facilitation styles. We would like to continue with this variety to bring you the best possible 3-day event.

Previous conferences have featured:

  • Long-form (2-hour) Workshop events on topics such as running a war game, elicitation, using analytical tools, and launching an intelligence portal.
  • (2) 45-minute Keynote presentations to kick-off each day’s events and set the theme of the conference.
  • Moderated debates (1.5 hour) on topics including Competitive Intelligence Ethics and Use of Machine Learning vs. Human Intelligence
  • 3-6 Presentation sessions on a variety of topics which impact intelligence practitioners of all types and skill levels
  • The CI Shark Tank: Teams of two compete to develop the best possible Competitive Intelligence program for a (mostly) fictitious firm.

In the spirit of continuing this trend of variety, we’re open to new ways to make this conference informative and a valuable use of your time and your company’s resources. We are seeking a brief outline of topics that you would like to see or would like to present. Potential presenters should provide a brief session abstract. Some guidelines for sessions include:

  1. A facilitator with strong speaking skills and deep subject matter expertise.
  2. Introducing new and visionary concepts to the RECONVERGE:G2 Symposium.
  3. Provocative and engaging topics which takes on the elephants in the room and elicits discussion and participation from conference attendees.
  4. A topic with broad appeal across a variety of industries. Previous attendees have come from the pharma, healthcare, legal, retail, academic, government, tech and manufacturing industries, just to scratch the surface.
  5. An easily articulated concept, with a strong central thesis or theme..

If you are planning on being a conference attendee and wish to request a topic or speaker, by all means, speak up. This is your symposium.

Deadline for submissions is Thursday, December 1st. Please provide a short, 3-5 sentence abstract that illustrates your theme, how it ties to the overall conference theme of “Invention and Reinvention” and preferred session type (Debate, keynote, session, workshop, or propose something new).

Session proposals will be collected and evaluated by Aurora WDC staff and your conference co-chairs, and will be notified in late-December.


October 1, 2016
Call for Provocateurs Opens

December 1, 2016
Call for Provocateurs Closes

Late-December 2016
Selected Submissions Notified